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I Love Kev Nish

Colette Carr

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Oh chikka chikka chikka
Better get the get well card
Bitches looking sick
Let's kick it in the back yard
Let's get lit
Like the fire burning hazard
Ride the second wind
Like no roof is on the fast car

Head out the window
Let's keep it simple
Gimmie your hand
I'm a show you what I'm into
Tell me what you been through
I'm a make it better
Hop in the pass
Push back on the leather

Chikka chikka chikka
Chikka chikka chikka

Bitches couldn't see me with a flashlight
I'll be waving nice
Vroom vroom when I pass by
Yes I haven't stop to make it
Since last night
Pulling all my hair back
Like we in a cat fight

Now that you have gotten my attention
Whatcha gonna do with it
Don't forget to mention
All the little moon want's
Is giving me the details
Back story and if I get mad
Boy you better act sorry

Chikka chikka chikka
You never listen anymore
You never hear a word I say
Then what did I say?
If your listening then what did I say?

It's not that I don't have the patience
I'll be sittin waiting
For you to get a move on
Yes in the ages
Boy that you've taken
I'm down two tonics
What you gonna do bout it

Splash of the vodka
That's cause I want ya
Rub it in ya face
Push-push ya in the water
Cover all the basics
Show you where to place it
I'll be tripping like
Uh-uh untied laces

Chikka chikka chikka
Chikka chikka chikka
Yeah right yeah right
I don't wanna fight (yeah right)
It's not that I wanna fight
It's like the same thing
Over and over again
Are you even listening to me
Your not even fucking listening
To what I'm saying
I'm trying to work this out

I love you

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