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i'm on my ballin' each and every day
asian girls everywhere, ucla
you see me babe? you see me babe?
asian girls everywhere, ucla

[verse 1]
i'm on my ish, call it
i watch these haters take they shots like they were alcoholics
“what is he wearing? somebody jack that fool's steeze”
if i'm a faggot spell it right, i got way more than two g's
nigga i'm amazing, i'm a phenom
i'm assassin, i'mma kill y'all
ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa
and this shit's closed down cause i ball too hard
and i'm cumming on her face, have i gone too far?
i don't know, who cares, i don't love that broad
and it's funny how these nigga's always act hard
i'm a black star in a black car with a black card
they wanna knock me out
they try a nigga
realest motherfucker in the game, like tron nigga
forget these white girls
i need some variation
especially if she very asian
she got an ugly friend? roll solo
can i stay at your place? no hobo
not my fault, man, these ladies love me
she's an overachiever cause all she do is succeed


[verse 2]
send me naked pics, i'mma tumbl that
i'm the shit, been the shit, fuck a humble brag
yeah i'm pushin' that, and her pussycat
i got swag out my ass so i'm usin' that
texting with olivia munn, hopefully she'll give me some
or some rosie jones, man
hoes is hoes is hoes, man
racks on racks on racks, man
all i got is tracks, man
sorry for my accent, but i've been practicin'
everywhere ya go niggas blastin' that gambino
niggas be like, “you ain't know?”
bitches be like, “you ain't know?”
met this fly latino
hope that she eighteen though
if she not, i'll say that i got deep throat in heathrow


[verse 3]
told me i was shit, but that shit couldn't stop me
nigga still hungry, black kobayashi
when i talk about you i hear a “who?” like horton
i was born for this shit, you a rappin' abortion
can we hear the n-word one day and not get upset?
can we try something new and not be suspect?
i don't really know, we fucked up bad
you don't wanna see my dudes when they get mad
i got a bunch of jackanapes at the back of me
that'll lacerate anyone in the back of a matinee
and laugh while they masturbate all over your beaten body
sick boy forever, that suburban illuminati
naw nigga, yeah we never stop
no period like menopause
no period like, “oh shit!
am i the only one you sleepin' with?”
am i the only one you sleepin' with?”

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