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Chelsea Lankes

Wrecking Ball

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Verse 1
You chased me down til I came around, you fed me all your lines
Laid out every word just right but they were the empty kind
I went along strung out, I finally saw the signs
Took a while to see what you do to me, you played me all this time
All this time

You built it all up and dropped a wrecking ball
You lost it all, you lost it all
Gave me just enough and then you let me fall
You lost it all, ya you lost it all

Verse 2
I'm left alone with these stones to throw trying to break the past
I should have known I would give you my love and you'd turn it into ash
You were the one with the smoking gun, you tied the noose
You can blame it on self sabotage I had to cut you loose
Cut you loose


Dress it all up, make it look like love


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