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I Love It (feat. Fabolous)


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Verse 1 (Fabolous)

Pretty girls with them rollex’s
No time for a hoe flexing
Poking out of that wife beater
Big booty that get attention
Like a rapstar and a gold necklace
That ass need management and
Bodygaurd that wear four x’s
Bad boy need a bad bitch
Cassalina need fab hit
Me and you make hot shit
You the gasoline im the match stick
Like woof
We gona burn this bitch she turnt up
And cant turn nobody turn this bitch down

You want it, i need it
Ur body i feeling
A sauna im hot as a phoenix
U fuck me fuck me like you mean it

Verse 2
Spank me you know ive been a bad girl
But every bad boy need a bad girl
I look in the mirror
Like they ought to do it like that girl
Heard she nothing like me
Lepeala on and a white tee
Red bone so feisty
Hope you round wherever i be
A promise of another day its time to tell ya

I love it x8

You say you wanna dance on body
I steer him through the stay hear am i
Another a round to go hear now
Just to make sure that throw it down

Verse 3 cassie
He threw it down on me
Wait a minute babe let me break it down on you
Heard she could do it like me
Lapearla on and a white tee
Red bone so feisty
Hope you round wherever i bee
A promise of another day its time to tell ya

I love it x8

Verse 4 Fabolous

Verse 4 Fabolous
Crop top with her abs showing
Drop top with her hair blowing
ratchet shit start coming on
She stopped popped and get low
And look back and smile at it
I'm on that, like my name tatted
Pr dr mummy thinking my name daddy
But no way hosay,
I'll feed you a bottle of rozay,
And spank that for being bad,
Them word they tell you don’t say,
Talking to me in spanish,
tell you what my plan is
Then the smoke clears i vanish

I love it x8

I know ive got some of the Cassie i love it Lyrics

Wrong. Just let me know in comments ill change them.

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