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West Side Story

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Tried to get the audience out from inside my head
And the things you say are beautiful, but they don’t make very much sense
From the day that I was born, they took me for all that I had
And I let them
‘Cause they let me in
I'm so weak, I can barely hold this instrument

I wanna do whatever you wanna do
I wanna make fun of cops with you

You went on tour and I went on medication
I’ve been stuck in this waiting room and they’re telling me to stay patient
So, I’ll close my eyes and I’ll sing this song for you
Celebrate with a joint or two
And a new backyard tattoo
And think of the time that we spent watching X-Files in your living room

I wanna do whatever you wanna do
I wanna find every truth with you

And it all comes down to the knowledge that we’re gonna die
Find comfort in that or be scared for the rest of your life
So, I sing and I scream and I strum and I try to help out
’Til I can build a little house
That the government doesn’t know about
But I’d rather be right here than anywhere else, right now

I wanna do whatever you wanna do
I wanna watch the empire fall with you

And it’s fucking with me that you didn’t see
That it wasn’t them and it was always me who knew too much
And I’m no storyteller the way you are
I’m just an angry kid who got given a guitar
But how dare you say that I’m too young
To know that the ticket prices are going up
And the trains still aren’t on time
And the thugs that patrol the lines are the reason I’ll never pay my fines
And prescription prices are going up
And we’re not making any more money
Tony’s wallet’s getting heavy
Gina, your stomach is far from empty
And it’s too many in my mind
And now I’m living on the west side
You say
“Breathe it in, breathe it out”
You don’t know what you’re talking about
And it’s eating away at my insides
And now I’m living on the west side
And my mother says I’ve gotten thin

Don’t wanna see you for a couple of years
But yours is a funeral I’d fly to from anywhere

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