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Stove Lighter

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Kids from my high school still ignore me
When they see me busking in the city
And I think they’re going somewhere
To take horse tranquilizer and act like they’re too cool to be there and
They’ll still call me when they wanna get high

Those I look up to, look down on me
Or maybe it’s just my crippling anxiety?
Because it’s been happening a lot lately
I think it’s got something to do with you, but you make me pretty happy
I’m just whining about the same shit as yesterday

And I would sneak him into my mother’s house
Where he would draw the things I’d talk about
And we only ever made out
And listened to Tigers Jaw and UV Race, yeah, it was pretty grouse
But I gave him my old phone and he moved away

Now I read my text books like The Bible
There’s something about truth that makes existence bearable
We’re sitting ‘round the kitchen table
It kinda feels like family but a little more unstable
And we still have to light the stove with a lighter
Yeah, we still have to light the stove with a lighter
Still have to light the stove with a lighter

It’s kinda like I almost want you to understand this like the first time you were here
It’s kinda like I almost want you to understand me like the first time we were here
And all this time it made sense to me why life was so unfair
Because the universe don’t know and the universe don’t care
It took years to figure out everyone else had shit on their mind
And the darkness that lives inside of me, looks exactly like you sometimes

Still have to light the stove with a lighter
I’ll sit alone in my bedroom
Hope they can’t hear me in the next room
Always alone in my bedroom
Hoping no one can hear me

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