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Here 2 China (Feat. With Dillon Francis, Dizzee Rascal)

Calvin Harris

ouvir : conectando
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[Intro: Dizzee Rascal]
Alright let me just cool this right now quickly

[Verse 1: Dizzee Rascal]
Super trippy riding through the gritty inner city
Roll with the committee
Handle your business or handle the pity
All I see is lots of titties
I know bunch of hippie chicks
That's ready to show me tricks
They doing the splits
I'm all up in the mix
A choir out the mist
I'm taking trips
I'm in the Ferrari looking sick
I'm in the Ferrari looking slick
Letting the engine rip
And getting a tire
A' grippin' ah slippin' and slidin'
Turning the music up
I'm vibing now I'm flying
Lord strap me if I'm lying
I ain't perfect but I'm trying
Going super sire and buying
Anything that catches my eye
Cause I'm a provider getting it in from here to china
It's so minor I'm a survivor, never retire
I'm a black tiger ready to blaze to the fire, live wire
Now I'm rolling through the shires
Blazing the green to get me higher
Now I'm inspired
Putting the pressure on the back tires
Making a hasty get away
Having a better day in every way
Than yesterday
I guess there’s nothing left to say

[Refrain (Dizzee Rascal) x8:]
Getting it in from here to china (getting it in from here to china)

[Verse 2: Dizzee Rascal]
Wind in my face
Chilling in Versace shades
Wearing a fresh pair of gaze
Looking like car just been paid
Stupid I don’t play no games
Switching out lanes on these lames
Switching out dames simple and plain
No I can't be contained
Plus I'm raw and untamed
I'm so far from mundane
Getting ghost is my aim
I suggest you do the same
Taking a trip out to Spain
With my girl Mary Jane
And she stays on my brain
Like a big gravy train
Papparazi on my case
Giving chase
Cameras flashing in my face
All up in my space
Gotta pick up the pace
Singing Amazing Grace
I'm in an amazing place
With crazy pape's
I ain't like them other lazy apes
I used to blaze the tapes
So now I stays hoping for my break
Making no mistakes
Now I rolling with the breaks
But still book time for my original mates
So we don't bubble with hate
We just get on with it
You brothers are constipated
And your shit is over rated should save it

[Refrain x8]

Gravadora: Fly Eye, Columbia
Faixa: 12

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