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Off Top (feat. Max Frost)

Bun B

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This is the emergency broadcasting system
This is not a test; I repeat, this is not a test
All trill niggaz report to battle stations at once
If you a hoe ass nigga, if you a fake
If you a fraud, if you a phony, if you are not real
Please report for re-education at once
I repeat, please report for re-education at once
This is not a drill; repeat, this is not a drill!

There's a war goin on outside no man is safe from (from)
Can't buy your way up out that bitch from out the safe son (son)
Can't talk your way up out that hoe and try to ride through (through)
Or sneak your way around the shit and try to slide through (through)
Nowhere to hide at (hide at)
Cause they already know exactly where you side at (side at)
Ready to hit you where your pride at
So unless you is ready for combat then boy you better hide hat (hol' up)
Or watch his scalp split and slide back (man) they wanna leave a nigga sidetracked
Catch him on a side street (what) and leave his eye cracked (damn)
That's why we keep that Desert Eagle .45 packed (packed)
Cause I'll be damned if I don't make it home alive jack (jack)
You worry 'bout a nine-piece or a fo' way (way)
They headed to your dome way and no they don't play (play)
The enemy's amongst us (us)
But when he runs up man I'ma meet 'em with my gun's up

[Chorus - Max Frost (Bun B):]
(Off top!) Get in line to verify yo' information
We're gonna identify the truth and feel from the fake
The O.G. will show ya how it's done, to build a triller nation
Street indoctrination, betcha don't know yet you better get yo' education!

See mayne I came in the do' (do') and said this shit befo' (fo')
But it ain't nobody hear me so I say it once mo' (mo')
Keep your back against the wall (wall) or get it on the flo' (flo')
Them haters tryin to hit you with some real hardco' (co')
This is not a game, this is all-out war (war)
This is why we train (train) this is why we spar (spar)
So when the threat's domestic or from somewhere far (far)
Your nuts gotta be bigger than the rims on your car (on your car)
So here we are (here we are) and here we stand (here we stand)
Toe to toe (toe to toe) man to man (man to man)
Eye to eye (eye to eye) chest to chest (chest to chest)
You make a move then you better make it your best (make it your best)
Because the rest don't matter
Once I take it to the boss and break him off, then the rest gon' scatter
This time I'm bigger (bigger) better (better) badder (badder)
Run up on him, watch him empty out his bladder

[Chorus 2x]

Off top! [echoes]

capa do álbum Trill O.G. "The Epilogue" de Bun B

Gravadora: Rap-A-Lot Records
Faixa: 10

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