Bubba Sparxxx

Bubba Sparxxx

Devil's Fire (Feat. Daniel Lee)

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[Bubba Sparxxx]
Some days I'm older than pa, some days I'm 21
Some days I'm infantile, but that's only when it's fun
Sometimes I'm momma's baby, sometimes I'm momma's pain
But I'm always God's son even when I'm inside the flame
I had to tell Bubba, "Stop fuckin with Andy, please
You see he's just tryin to live, and salvage what sanity
is left," every breath is humility versus FUCK y'all
Strapped on my big boy shit, and stood up tall
We came a long way from houses with dirt floors
to country boy turf wars, and this music ain't yours
All that I got to give 'em is everything that I gave
But they gave me nothin but pain, respect I have to take!
And tell me what is fake, I'm fuckin unfamiliar
Say what I mean, mean what I say, I have a plug to filter
Perhaps I feel the heat, maybe the flame engulfs me
But you will not sit on the fence about me, hate or love me!

[Chorus: Daniel Lee]
Standin in the devil's fire
Loadin up the furnace with black coal
I'm standin on a tight rope wire
Over the void that fills my soul
I'm burnin aliiiiive
In flames of desire
I'm standin in the devil's fire...
I'm standin in the devil's fire...

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Yeah yeah we all know, I fucked off a shitload
of money and did mo', dope in a fish hole
We all know I'm washed up, we all know it's been over
We know I can't get sober - anything else?
Oh yeah, Timbaland don't fuck with me no more
He's fed up with me of course, I still love him, he's my boy
The only thing I do know on some days is keep goin
Keep bustin, keep flowin, I'm somebody's hero and
the great thing about life is as long as you got it you got a
chance to do somethin about the room full of doubters that's crowded
I need to know they there, they are so vital to me
As long as they can boo-hoo, I know that I can do me!
The warmth of the devil's fire has me come uncovered
Through it all I call it caused but what it wasn't, was it?
It keeps me up and runnin, the past is the cold
The stove's the furnace of my soul, WHOA!


[Daniel Lee]
Standin in the devil's fire
Burnin out the soul that bears my shame
In the kingdom of thieves and liars
If I could just go back again
I'm all out of looooove
And the flame's burnin higher
I'm standin in the devil's fire...
I'm standin in the devil's fire...

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