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Bryan Adams

Don't Drop That Bomb On Me

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We sailed our ships upon the shores
That once were out of reach
Turned the silence into war and bloodied up the beach
Trashed the forests and the trees
Til there's nothin' left to cut
We raped the rivers and the seas and turned the land to dust
It goes on and on
On and on...

Does anybody know what's goin' on
Can anybody tell me where we went wrong
Can anyone say why wrong is right
If we wanna little peace well we got to fight

Can anyone say things are lookin' good
Just take a look around your neighbourhood
The world's gone crazy


Crash - we can fight it
Crash - we gotta try
Crash - we can't hide it
We gotta stop that fire
Don't drop that bomb on me
Save that little tree
Don't drop that bomb on me
Save our seven seas
Don't drop it, don't drop it
Don't drop that bomb on me

Should every little thing have a life to give
Will every little child have a place to live
Does anybody feel just a little bit scared
Isn't it about time everybody cared
The world's gone crazy

If ya gonna talk that talk
Ya gotta walk that walk
If ya gonna fly that flag
Ya gotta shake a leg
Ya everybody should try
Cause we're much too young to die


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