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Brotha Lynch Hung

Sweeney Todd

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'the demon barber sweeny todd is the english boogie man, the character older children call upon to frighten their friends and younger children, unruly youngsters are cautioned against misbehaving with threats of being attacced by sweeny, and served up in a meat pie'

Yall better be high when yall hear this, this shit is a lil different

Ok, lemme fit this scripture, after I kill a nigga ill pull out the phone out and take a quick picture
Niggas call me sweeny todd cuz I cut em up and make philly steaks, bend they bones then they really break then refrigerate im a siccture
I saw some shit when I was 6, and it got my head fucced up, told my momma home girl play with my dicc, and it felt sicc
Then about six minutes later it got thicc, and I been nuttin' on they face ever since, I think im missin' a brain
I be sewin' up skin suits, then hang em up in the closet, the rest I throw that bitch in the bay
I really need to take my prozac, cuz ill make your door wet in a throwback jersey tony dorset
Baby mama succin they *BLEEP* dicc what I witness, I slit that bitch in the wrist when I seen that, god as your witness
I watched her bleed all over the couch, then she started screamin so I put the ducc tape all over her mouth, after that start eatin'.
Shit, Im a mothafuccin' barber, with a straight razor, and im the reason they keep findin' shit in the harbor
I brag about it, wrote letters to the police, I dont give a fucc, ill put that 9 millimeter to your head 'fore they locc me up
I know, you lookin' for them tight rhymes in the nighttime, I shine, and I spit harder than a pipeline when I write mine
So I dont worry about your lightlines, nigga I just want your lifeline, for some reason your rap sound just like mine
Ok, let me spit this scripture, niggas want me to fall, you can see it like a picture, I throw it like a pitcher
You can catch it like a bacc catcher, hit you up in the helmet, the ref won't like it, thats expected
Drippin butt naked, eat it for breakfast, bitch! I cut them sections up, you dont believe but they in the freezer, the all sectioned up
I like meat, I just started eating vegetables, hit em with the AK-47 now hes a vegetable, see, ready, set, go
Behead em, family let go, im about to let tech know, then we bout to wet cess, oh, then im bout to have sex, oh, then im bout to slit neccs, no! then im bout to get wet,,,, GRRR. im hostile and its possible, that I cut you up so bad that there ain't no need for the hospital
Math couldn't even make me logical, you tryin' to fuck with me, thats who, thats why your whole roster broke
Somebody could take this wrong, I better watch my bacc
These niggas would pop at me, BUT NIGGA ILL POP RIGHT BACC

STRANGE music in the house

Smokin weed all day
Get ready
Fully loaded
Ya boy spiderman, seven on the mothafuccin' beat
And of course rob rebecc
Ya know what I mean? shout out to tech n9ne, kutt calhoun, krizz kaliko, stevie stone, cali bear gang, tall cann g, COS
Special shout out to my nigga mellow yellow and my nigga hopsin for gettin on the track with me, g-macc, trizz, mayday, irv da phenom
My nigga g-smoove
Ya know what I mean? hold up



Joplin studios thank you for having me bacc, its ya boy AKA spiderman in the mothafuccin' house, and im out *webslings* GRR and im out

Gravadora: Strange Music, Inc.
Faixa: 19

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