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Stabbed (Feat. Tech N9ne & Hopsin)

Brotha Lynch Hung

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You know how people be sayin' that I, uhm
Talk to dead bodies, uh, uh, everybody say that
Are you dead
Nah, fuck it, you don't have to say nothin'
Anyway, any-, you attack Tech for nothin'
Hopsin go through that same shit
Aight, we gon' handle this
You want somethin' to eat
Aight, get you somethin' to eat
Or you might be eaten

Niggas in Sacramento don't want it with me
Tuckin' a .50 cal, should get me now, I'm 5150
I bet a nigga won't try me, I like to fry 'em up
Line 'em up, bring 'em in front of me, I'mma dye 'em up
I put his nuts in a bag and send it to mommy
And have her yellin', "What's in the bag?", I'm a tsunami
Niggas attackin' my label get wrapped in a cable
I'm back in the stable and I'm killin' 'em, crackin' an Eggo
(Grrr!) Mad-ass, bad-ass, everybody be wantin' to have that, nah-that
Givin' me somethin' to stab at, yeah-that
I'mma be huntin' they ass back
I'mma be somethin' to deal with, real shit
See the only way I eat is if I kill shit
Me and Tech and Hopsin gon' pop 'em
Put 'em right in the lake, Hey, don't drop 'em
Told 'em not to fuck with us, nigga

Niggas' about to get stabbed
Niggas' about to get stabbed
Niggas' about to get stabbed
Niggas' about to get stabbed (2X)

He said he wanted K.O.D. to come do this Ok
People don't feel me, I think I'm really Michael Myers
You think it's silly, not givin' a fuck until the psycho fires
When I go higher, you said to me, Why do you need a rifle, sire
My pill is to kill a man, I'm illin', yeah, snipe your eye, I light your fire
Leave us, now he's after Jesus-ah
Happy Holidays, I'm f'ing Ebenezer-hah
Oh, what a teaser, he was not a bleeder
But you need to believe that I feed, I'm eager-hah, hah
Yeah, I heard what he said
He ain't able to spit another verse when he dead
Burnt a nigga, serve him the curb then he bled
With Bourbon, I swerve to put his whores into bed!
You niggas gotta be kiddin' me, not even hittin' me
'Bout to get your bodily stiff and the ought to be kissin' me ass bad
That'll be sad because the nigga's about to get stabbed, jab!
Why do they persist, Lynch?
When they know that we'll kill 'em all

Niggas' about to get stabbed
Niggas' about to get stabbed
Niggas' about to get stabbed
Niggas' about to get stabbed (2X)

I was brought up as a man that loved to laugh
Greetin' everybody with a handshake
Until I built a fan base, now I gotta deal with
Groupie niggas I run into every damn day
I swear to God I hope I don't leave a niggas rib cracked
How the fuck did they find out where I live at
Motherfuckers all up in my business every minute
When I be chillin' with women they be comin' up tryin' to chitchat
Get back! Oh, shit, what the fuck did I get into
No autographs, I'm tryin' to chill with my friends, dude
Yeah, don't surround me, I can't move
Can't you see I'm tryin' to get to my vehicle
Please let the man through
I ain't feelin' no sorry and I finna to go hit up my nigga Lynch
I'mma borrow a knife and startle the lives of anybody buggin' me
I don't know if I'mma kick 'em or cut 'em, man, it's hard to decide
I'mma start to devise a method of deadly weapons
No question about it, you run up then you gon' get affected
Go step in the ring if you fools dare to
You gon' second-guess on takin' a picture with me cause you too scared to
Aight, ey, hold up my, nigga, ey What's up, man
You that nigga Hop, right
The white contacts and skating on a skateboard
Ey, I gotta go real quick
Can I get a picture with you, my
Nah, man, get outta my-, get the fuck out of my face, fool

Niggas' about to get stabbed
Niggas' about to get stabbed
Niggas' about to get stabbed
Niggas' about to get stabbed (2X)

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