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MDK (feat. Trizz)

Brotha Lynch Hung

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Murder, death, kill, we hungry
Murder, death, kill, we hungry

[Verse 1: Brotha Lynch Hung]
And I got bodies in the trunk, some of that [?] pepper
Midnight just passed, better keep your eyes on Lector
I'm hidin' in your closet with a machete and trash bags
Spaghetti your insides, get ready, I been died
Dead like a zombie
Backpack full of that crack that'll make you go hug mommy
Mo' drugs on me
I'm too nice, but don't make me get that butcher knife cause I do slice
Television say I'm a monster, they look at me like I'm [?], guts in a box, red sin
And givin' bitches head drama, I'm way worse
I scrape the skin off your back and make a human skin purse
Cuttin' this meat, Strange is invited to eat

[Hook (x2)]
Murder, death, kill, we hungry
Murder, death, kill, we hungry
Murder, death, kill, we hungry
Murder, death, kill, we hungry

[Verse 2: Trizz]
Ey, Lynch, is that a blunt? Roll that
Lace it with the cocaine, a nigga need to smoke that
Forgot to take my Prozac, I'm tryin' to get my zone back
Shakin' and twitchin', ready to kill a nigga, oh snap!
I feel alone to myself, so depressing
Stressed out, hectic, come close and get yo' neck slit
Reckless, rippin' shit out and give it as the message
Guts on your doorstep, wake ya up for breakfast
Send it out to Lynch for Dinner and a movie
Had the cops confused when they investigate, who, me?
Fuck jail, them niggas gon' have to shoot me
Goin' down fightin' on trial if they sue me
Fire up this doobie, spit a bloody [?]
Ripguts, look what drugs do to me
Somebody better save ya, sodomize and rape ya
Bitch, pick your face up and hand it to the strangla

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 3: Brotha Lynch Hung]
Watchin' a bitch scream, yeah, buddy, it wasn't as bloody as it seems

Wrap you up in duck tape
This time I was sniffin' cocaine

I be havin' bad dreams and I want brains

A midnight killer, like it's a fucking video game

I'm rippin' and fuckin' the beat, nigga, game fuck

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 4: Trizz]
I hope you got my plate ready cause it's time to eat

Move quick

Get choked in smoke
Fuck my ecstasy

Light a match, set it off,

Now we all up in her

I kill bitches for attention

Fuckin' dead bodies

This motherfuckers' hidin'

[Hook (x2)]

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