Crimes Against Humanity

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Prisoner of war, prisoner of love
There's a torch to my head
Crimes of passion crimes of youth
Stop the ringing in my head
Born again not born at all
The future is full of smoke
Born to lead the need to think
I grab my lungs and i c-c-choke
What we take for granted can be taken away
And then you ask for more
Your still dropping bombs from a plane that went down in the civil war
Drive the nails, drive them hard
Peace turns to war again
Crown of thorns, crown of peace
Political battleship

Crimes against humanity, the dogs are closing in
And when the kingdom comes
It will bring it to an end
Tell me you believe

Let's crown another beauty queen
Do you find it so obscene
What about the homeless, the starving the poor
No room for the sick because the rich want more
They lied to us, they lied to them
Breaks my heart inside
Took their hope stole their love
No life left in their eyes

I stand on this hill and i scream your name
It's something they tried to erase
Some say nothing lasts forever
We all run the risk of being lost
Some hold on and some thought to never believe
We've got bigger guns
We've got to find higher suns
One day you'll see the truth you've been running from
Tell me you believe
I still believe
I believe in love it's all we have left

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