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This is what ya'll been waiting on, huh
The wait is over, it's finally here, face off man
Ain't no turning back now man
It's either go hard or go home
A O I got you homie watch this

The smoothest singing, baddest rapping me
Put us together man you what 'bout to happen
Tell 'em O, we bout to shut 'em down, raise the bar, get ready for the face off

Yup it about to be mass hysteria
'Bout touch every girl ass in America
O, we 'bout to shut 'em down, raise the bar, get ready for the face off
It's the B O dub dub O dub yo hold up
The flow so cold but O gon' heat it up

No need for introduction
Six albums and I'm still gunning
You listening to prince of hip hop and prince of pop
So no artist stop game over, your on our clock

They're on our jock, our block knocks this
Hold more than your whole career in my pocket
Locksmith domino that not stop shit
Profit is the only reason why we frost bit

Syrup in my cup
The dogs on the loose
The broads going nuts 'cause O's in the booth, holla at 'em
We bout shut 'em down, raise the bar, get ready for the face off

Nah not now
Don't push your album back now
Tryna copy our style, O and the prince Bow Wow
I told ya'll I'm a make ya'll respect this grind
And we 'bout to take it from the hood from the street to the stage
To the top of the charts, let's go

I got a passion for this man
You know what I'm saying
It take a lot of heart to do what we do
You know just ya'll don't get it confused
Let go ahead and answer ya'll questions
It's still two different worlds
And we the best of both of 'em taking over the world let's ride

We take our hats off to the ones that did it
Before us you know what I'm talking bout
But understand this is me and O
So get ready for the face off tour
'Bout give it to 'em till they can't take no more
Rest in peace to the scream tour, it's the face off tour
I'm not playing with ya'll man, go to song number two

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