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I walked in the place very big space
Every kind of race dancin' and niggas made chase
A very pretty face, feel the bass
Basses kick, flygirl jumps on my tip
The drink that I sip implies this it it
She looked to be about 26 I ain't dizzy
It's time to get busy!!
Welcome female is in my arms.
Overwhelmed by my playboy charms
We jumped in the ride rushed to the crib
I ain't gotta explain what we did
Built to last I simply waxed that
Ax the question, no need for guessin'
Hey baby, how old are you?
21 24 maybe 22
I'm twenty five
She shucked and kinda neeghed
And said, "hee, hee, hee I'm only 13"
13!! I need a quick escape
That's statutory rape
But she was GOOD!

(You should been there she was)
(Man that jail term won't be)
(But she looked)
(Man her brothers will beat you )
(Even if I get beat down it was still)

The story gets better, This girl is kinda clever
She said, "I wanna be with you forever"
I said, "Forget it I need to get my life in order
You could almost be my daughter"
She started sighin' and her sighin' turns into cryin'
Her cryin' turns into her replyin'
"Where's the phone?. I think it's time that I went home"
She called her pops and said, "Come get me I'm all alone
I'm sorry daddy I slept with an older man"
He said, "Don't worry. The 45 is in my hand.
I'll be there before you count to four."
One two three four
He's at my door
She said, "See what you did you caused me all this grief.
Your goin' to jail my daddy's a police chief.
If I can't have you no one will.
And I ain't even on the pill."
But you was

Chorus: Repeat 6x

Daddy walked in and the whole scene kinda changed
He grabbed his daughter and almost beat the girl insane
She's cryin' down the hall and now goin' home
He closed the door and, "I'm happy we're all alone
Jump on the bed and look me straight into my eyes
I think your kinda cute, don't make me use my 45"
Daddy's lookin' for a lubricant
He pulled out a little piece of gum and started chemwin' it
He said, "For year I've been lookin for a big strong man
I've got an apartment out in Brooklyn
Only my daughter and I live there
You can see my daughter anytime, anywhere
But it's you that I want to be mine
The price tag is your behind
Don't worry it'll be



The morale of this story?
There is no morale you finish the story for me
When your livin' your life everyday in the hood
Wakin' up in the mornin' should feel


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