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Bobby Bare

You Know Who

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I'm all choked up, but let me thank you
For the party once again
It was such a nice and thoughtful thing to do
I look around and see the warm
And smiling faces of good friends
Yes, everybody's here but you know who.

You've gathered here to celebrate the happy union of
A boy and girl too lucky to be true
Oh, there's plenty food and wine
There's plenty everything but love
'Cause everybody's here but you know who.

You know who is somewhere on the town tonight
Doing you know what, I know where, Lord knows why
Though the wine be watered by my tears tonight
You know who, You know who ain't gonna cry.

I'm sorry the party didn't turn out, happy like you planned
But I guess you can see the rumors are all true.

So just say goodnight and smile
And leave this lonely broken man
Who'll sit and cry all night for you know who
I'll sit and cry all night for you know who...

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