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Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Lost & Found

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[Verse 1]
Here in the underground, so many lost and found
So many trading in styles in search of new sounds
So many swapping and seeking new ground
That they forget to stop it and take good look around
What did they leave behind? What did they lose or trade?
No matter where they go, no one will be totally safe
You left your gat and ID inside the suitcase
Then skip town to go out put on a new face
So now you're

Lost and found in the underground
And if you threw it away somebody else is gonna find it
(Lost and found) Somebody else is gonna find it

[Verse 2]
Here in the lost and found, he find a way out
At least he thought he did threw that suitcase out
Into the river leave and lost for nobody to find
As this identity was erased from that space and time
He made it all the way to Tennessee
Before he started seeing coverage on a truck stop tv
Seven bodies were discovered, he only killed three
Sounds like a copy cat killer replicating me


[Verse 3]
Here in the lost and found, they felt that he was skiddish
And gave upon his work way before he was finished
So they found a murder weapon and pretend to be him
Wearing gloves so the gun still has his fingerprints
Now he's back up on retirement for one last kill
Then he's back to California to disappear within the hills
That was the first plan, a new place to call home
But the copycat killer couldn't leave well enough alone


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