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Sightsee M.C! (Album Version)

Big Audio Dynamite

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Here we buy some old English wreck
And we start it up for the girls to check
Its mugs night out at the old palais
And the girl wants a ride on a saturday
Its time for the hour for the drunks to shout
As the barman shoves the people out
The red light says come on down
And streetfights breakout all over town

It`s an English custom it`s ceremony
I`m your guide for the ride Sightsee M.C!
I `ve been in Pentonville I`ve been in Battersea
I`m your guide for the ride Sightsee M.C!

We got plenty of sixties slums
They said she jumped from floor twenty one
It`s empty now but it blocks out the sun
Used to be the shape of things to come
The children runnin`raggedy breaking the glass
Smashing the lights in the underpass
Gonna need no flag when they`re seventeen
For waiting at someone who looks like the Queen

I`ve been in Chinatown I`ve been in Embassy
I`m your guide for the ride Sightsee M.C!
Casino Dino and Roulette Len
All know my name and back again

This alley runs to the farm on the hill
Where the nights are wild and the petrol spill
Firestone Freddy and Molotov Jack
Their shadow goes but it soon come back
Striking sparks in floods of oil
No name no flag for mother soil
You can guarantee she`ll burn tonight
`Cos England keeps the household white

You know it ain`t safe it`s way too early or late
The Mets` gonna getcha down in Bishopsgate
I ain`t at number 10 I`m at number twenty three B
I`m your guide for the ride Sightsee M.C!

Take all the bed box people and the opera lights
London town is ours tonight
Well it`s over to you and bye from me
I`m your guide for the ride Sightsee M.C!

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