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A Party (Album Version)

Big Audio Dynamite

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Li - li - lion - Lions in a jungle
Jungles in a cage
Tra - tra - trouble - trouble in the homelands
Trouble in the homelands
Makes front page

Zu - zu - lu - come out to play
Bongo drums said today
Front page caption read like this
Natives dress as terrorist

Tribal war a perfect plan
For the one that damned the land
Since that ain`t you or me
Tribal war continually
Mountain milk for mount nutrition
Send us some more ammunition
Never buy me ivy trade
Let`s go plug a hand granade

Thank you boss - for Red Cross
Apreciate goodwill
No - no - no - stomach for our loss
Yeah - yeah - yeh - I fell quite ill

I -I - I`d - really round the flag
But we got so many
I guess thats why why you act
Like we ain`t got any

Tarzan has come home again
Heard the news diamond vein
Had to split no room to siwing
Sun City wanted him to sing!
Easy to see no unity
Masses ruled by minority
When these guys come on the scene
Ruined a good blues party
I know I`ve hear the tune before
I thought as I was kicked through the door
Something `bout admission fee
But I was sure house belong to me

They told us to go in stereo
Machine guns `gainst spear and bow
Egged on by TV cameraman
Someone called the teargas van

White knight write our wrongs
Lyrics for the protest song
Number one top of the charts
Rock and roll bleeding hearts
They offer us a special patch
Knew there had to be a catch
Family tree pulled at the root
They still bear that old strange fruit

Plenty reason plenty reason to be gum
Living by the gun down in a slum
Stake your claim blow by blow
Saw my pals go flying through the window

Li - li - lion - Lions in a jungle
Jungles in a cage
Tra - tra - trouble - trouble in the homelands
Boss in a rage

I know mister if it was you
It would be cut down like a flower
Some things never change
Corporate crime gets free range
Only out for personal gain
Grab the land and sieze the power!
Whats all this about big game?
Don`t you know the lions tame

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