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Death's Great Black Wing Scrapes The Air

Being As An Ocean

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We shout up at the sky
Until our mouths are bloody and dry
Screaming out at a god that seems to be blind
To the suffering of us here below; those pushed aside
Look around and witness the weight of this darkness
I can assure you that ignorance is not bliss
And simply because we've adorned our eyes with such arrogance
Does not mean the unspeakable will cease
Wicked men hoarding necessities
While their fellow men die of sickness and disease

Our children are still starving
Doubled over in pain from the grumbling
Dying loved ones whither and fade
The person we knew stripped away
(All we love will fade
All we love is stripped away)
Men killing their dearest in a fit of rage
Instead of putting the past behind, turning a new page
Mothers drown their baby's in their sleep
As a reprieve cause they don't know the next time they'll eat

We still defile and abuse the innocent
Like items to be sold or owned
Slavery and prostitution is no place for a nine year old

So rage, cry out at the angry sky
Let the emotion fall from your eyes
I tell you the truth
Yhwh rages with you
He hears your frantic pleas
Believe me when I say, he is not some distant thing
If you're quiet for awhile, you might just hear him breathe
He's stood at the bedside of the lowly
Shoulders heaving, his head in his hands
Grieving with a father's heart, come to retrieve another wayward lamb
It's up to us to hold each others' dignity
Recognize we've chosen the wrong enemy
Hate, ignorance, and inhumanity are what we should be battling
Now's the time for knowledge
Now's the time for truth
Humanity has already suffered so much abuse
We must take responsibility, and do away with apathy
Unlearn society's teachings
To be blind and selfish
Because what you must learn
Is that the problem is us


Gravadora: InVogue Records
Faixa: 2

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