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Symphony No. 9 in D minor - Ode to Joy

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This file contains the (German) lyrics of Schiller's \"An die Freude\".
Note that this is not exactly what is sung in the 4th movement (Finale)
of Beethoven's 9th symphony, for certain verses are not sung, certain
parts are repeated, etc.

Throughout this text, capital B's that are inside a word or at the end of
a word, denote a \"scharfes s\" (German sharp \"s\"), while those at the
beginning of a word denote a capital B. Accents are not denoted.
These are because of technical reasons; the characters mentioned above
are not present in the character table VM/CMS uses.
If you download \"Symphony_9.dvi\" (use binary format when doing this),
you will have the TeX DVI format of this file, which contains the right
accents and \"scharfes s\"-es.

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