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Barry Manilow

You're There

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Our friends all use the past tense when they speak of you
And so to make them comfortable I use it too
They'd soon have me committed if only they knew
What I believe with all my heart is true
I know you're there
Although it's nothing I can prove
I know you're there
By just the way the shadows move
And though I say goodbye and finally let you go
I know you're there
Although I don't know how I know
I know you see
The crazy things I sometimes do
They make you laugh
So I still do them just for you
And while I'm entertaining all the friends I love
I know you see
And that you're laughing from above
You needn't panic
I'm not consulting any guru
Calling psychics
Or practicing with voodoo
I'm not manic or depressive
I just miss you
So I'll go on
Enjoying every lovely day
Because I'm sure
You would've wanted it that way
And when there's sorrow it's not more than I can bear
Because you are, and always were, and always will be there

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