Barry Manilow

If We Only Have Love

ouvir : conectando
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If we only have love
then tomorrow we'll dawn
and the days of our years
will rise on that morn'
if we only have love
to embrase without fears
we will kiss with our eyes
we will sleep without tears
if we only have love
with our arms open wide
then the young and the old
will stand at our side
if we only have love
love that's falling like rain
then the parch desert Earth
will grow green again
if we only have love
for the hym that we shout
for the song that we sing
then we'll have a way out
if we only have love
we can reach those in pain
we can heal all our wounds
we can use our own names
if we only have love
we can melt all the guns
and then give the new world
to our daughters and sons
if we only have love
then Jersusalem's stands
and then death has no shadow
there are no foreign lands
if we only have love
we will never bow down
we'll be tall as the pines
neither heroes nor clowns
if we only have love
then we'll only be men
and we'll drink from the grail
to be born once again
then with nothing at all
but the middle we are
we'll have conquered all time
all space the sun and the stars

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