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Secret Door

Arctic Monkeys

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Fools On Parade
cavort and carry on
The waiting eyes
That you would rather be beside than infront of
But shes never been the kind to be hollowed by the the stairs

She swam out of tonights fantasm
Grabbed my hand and made it very clear
There's absolutely nothing for us here
It's a magnolia celebration to be attempted on a wednesday night
It's better than having a reputation of a miserable little tyke
At least thats the conclusion you came to in this overture

The secret door swings behind her
shes saying nothing
shes just giggling along

Her arms were folded most indignant
Not looking like she was soon to leave
I had to squint in order to belive
and then like pull and a push in on a bookshelf
I'm unveiling the unexpected
How she was ever gunna look to him
should'a been embarrased and corrected
How could such a creature survive in such a habitat

The secret door swings behind her
She's saying nothing
She's just giggling along
and even if they were to find her
I wouldn't notice, i'm completely occupied
cos all the

Fools on parade
cavort and carry on
to waiting eyes
that you would rather be beside than infront of
but shes never been the kind to be the hollowed by the the stairs
Fools on parade
frown on and f*ck about to make a gauge
Turn to a scribble on a page by a picture
That holds her absent
but you'd have to think she'd care

Fools on parade
Fools on parade
Fools on parade...
conduct to singalong

compositores: ALEX TURNER

Gravadora: Domino
Faixa: 4

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