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Setting The Seen

Air Supply

ouvir : conectando
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In the beginning far away and after all
Out of the balance someone heard somebody call
It became known then that the meaning had been lost what can we do?

So at that moment a duality was born from naught to one
Out of the heavens they did fall upon the earth from one to two
One was as woman and the other was as man the two were one

And so the journey for the meaning was begun where could it be
Into the desert underneath the blazing sun look for the sign
Beyond the mountains in the darkness of the night it's getting cold
They cannot falter they are soldiers of the Light were getting warm

And they did take the names of Sara and of Sam, remember that
So they would blend in with the people that they met, no one could tell
To ask them questions that nobody seemed to get, I wonder why

Not far away there is a Mother soon to cry, it looks so sad
Her son is leaving home it's time to say goodbye, why must he go
She says remember me, the words fill up his head, I think I know
This is our hero everybody will miss Zed

This is where all the action's about to begin
The sound and the lights will soon sweep you away
We've done all we can now it's all up to you
There's just one more thing that we still have to say

Setting the seen for you and me I want you to know that I want you
Setting the seen so you will see everything's here for a reason
Setting the seen then you will know I want you to feel every moment
Setting the seen and then it's easy to let go

Before I leave to take my place before I bare my soul
Is there something I've overlooked?
When every night is like the last I'm fluttering inside
I feel like I'm about to burst, there's nothing I can hide


Gravadora: Odds On Records
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