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So Disrespectful

50 Cent

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50 Cent – Chorus]
I’m so disrespectful,
so so so disrespectful,
I’m so disrespectful,
so so so disrespectful,

[Verse 1]
You daddy f-cked your momma then f-cked your sister,
then climbed in your bed playing what you should’ve,
go ‘head take your belt off and hang yourself,
matter of fact grab your strap and bang yourself,
Jay’s a big man, he’s too big to respond,
Imma big d-ck you know the one everybody on,
your gon make me sing murder was the case
pull this trigger sh-t ping ping, should start at the face,
I’m international, Im never home mayne,
i’ve gon so long my accent changed,
better watch who you f-ck with mayne,
or you gon make me carve you up now straight
come on Game you’ll never be my equal,
your homie shoot doors, my n-gga shoot people,
see me Im what your never gon be,
I’m in that tax bracket your never gon see,
when you cross me..


[Verse 2]
That n-gga Buck like Game tell momma he don smoked the TV,
I didnt know he f-cked with more dope than BG,
plus a n-gga sipped more syrup than pepsi,
man keeping these muthf-ckers rich aint easy,
especially when a n-gga wanna stunt like Jeezy,
and his cds didn’t sell like his CD’s,
man that n-gga blew all of his chips like breezy’s,
mad cos the world won’t treat him like Weezy,
I don’t give a f-ck n-gga please believe me,
lyrics courtesy of
no n-gga in the vocal booth around can see me,
it’s crazy how I make this sh-t sound oh so easy,
they say fifty not on Buck with him he oh so greasy,
yeah he used to share that paper now he oh so greedy,
its funny how they sh-t on n-ggas then they need me,
see me I’m number one Im loading up my gun,
i catch ya if you dun, you p-ssy n-gga run,


[Verse 3]
They say first comes love then comes marriage,
then they got Shaniqua in the baby carriage,
then came the cash then the baby momma drama,
I gave the b-tch a half a mill,
she blew it on prada,
I remember when I met da b-tch and she aint had nada,
now got my son on some fly sh-t,
lyrics courtesy of
now i got to buy sh-t,
man I can’t even flunk sh-t cos everybody want sh-t,
everybody mad, damn even my dad,
and I don’t even know him now how the f-ck I owe him,
i aint giving nobody sh-t Imma show them,
I gave Game hits, he told me to suck d-ck,
start screaming Wesstside and Dre aint say sh-t,
now we just eat of ‘em and when I talk to Em
a smile comes on his face,
he told me whats the case,
enemies stay enemies,
but friends they change,
n-ggas go crazy over money my mayne,


Gravadora: Aftermath
Faixa: 4

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