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Uh, Ruppism, 2Virgins
Runnin' on the track, keepin' up with my fitness
Runnin' to your door like a Jehovah's witness
I'm in the dog pound all I see is bitches
Almost forgot to mention
Keep on talking shit and get a lynching
I'm like Christmas because my lyrics are gifted
Rap above everyone i'm spiritually lifted
You know i rap different so just get with it
Push bands away in one direction
My music isn't good where's the inspection?
Come to my shows and see perfection
Come backstage and give me an erection
My dick is a comedian because it does stand up
Don't forget that you are messin' with Dillon Rupp
Lost my job so i started rappin'
Got the fan base who knows what will happen
My rap just started so please stop clapping
All these girls give me applause
I only come once a year, Santa clause
I mastered the game i dont need to pause
Invest your time i don't get withdraws, i should be in court
I'm the master of laws, i'm also single bachelor of law
Uh, i just took a breather and i'm underneath the treater
Like i was a wife beater, my rhymes are old like a walmart
Greeter. Follow me on twitter i'm a leader i show no sympathy
But eventually i'll show everyone how i'm more lyrically and
Mentally better can't you see? My teacher said she wanted my
Report card, so i gave her the D. Hate but i'm just being me
I'm simply living independently so just get with me. you can
Light up that tree but that's not me. soon enough you'll see
Eventually Being yourself will be better than a ho on MTV
With no degree, givin' advice
My dick should be in power it will rise
I'll clear your head up like some bad lice
I'll dis you i never said i was nice
Uh, 2Virgins

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