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It's about a window
Maybe we could fly
Yeah, we talked a lot about it
But never tried
Cause I'll jump if you jump
Running out of time
If we don't go now we'll never really find faith
I used to keep it so close to me
Yeah, but now try to hide out
Pray to God that you don't find out

What do you say
Should we go ahead and take that leap of faith
Is this our last mistake
But hear it goes
I don't care
I know that this is not a test
And life is all a guess
And I guess I was wrong
Let's find our own way
Even if it means it could be the end of all our days
A wrist to throw it all away
We could lose it all but it's the price that we pay
See the ground from far away
And it's progress, progress if it's made
As we watch it pass us by to fade
A leap for all our mistakes
Thought we would see a different shade
The irony of window panes

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