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IÂ’m ready for the winds to change
IÂ’m ready for a brighter day
IÂ’m ready for the sun to shine down on me
IÂ’m waiting for a song to sing
IÂ’m looking for a brand new thing
IÂ’m ready now to live a life that I believe

I want the world to turn because of love
And mercy to find each of us
Doing what we can to just believe
I want the world to know that YouÂ’re the One
Who fills me up and gives me hope
And brings about this change thatÂ’s in me
Oh yeah, IÂ’m ready, yeah
You know IÂ’m ready now

IÂ’m ready for the truth to be
Something that can set us free
Does anybody still believe weÂ’ll make it through
IÂ’m ready now to take a stand
To live life for more than myself
Tell me now, my friend, are you ready, too

I canÂ’t sit around waiting for it all to change
ItÂ’s gonna take every single one of us doing what we can
ThereÂ’s lots of fighting in this world but thereÂ’s so much loving, too
So take my hand, IÂ’m ready now for you

Lord knows IÂ’m ready
You know IÂ’m ready

IÂ’m ready for the winds to change
IÂ’m ready for a brighter day

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