30 anos, feminino
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Amen Omen Ben Harper
Another Lonely Day Ben Harper
Ashes Ben Harper
Better Way (War Mix) Ben Harper
Blessed To Be a Witness Ben Harper
Both Sides Of The Gun Ben Harper
Breakin' Down Ben Harper
Bring The Funk Ben Harper
Burn One Down Ben Harper
By My Side Ben Harper
Clearly Severely Ben Harper
Cryin' Won't Help You Now Ben Harper
Dirty Little Lover Ben Harper
Do It For You, Do It For Us Ben Harper
Don't Give Up On Me Now Ben Harper
Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave Ben Harper
Engraved Invitation Ben Harper
Everything Ben Harper
Excuse Me Mr Ben Harper
Faded Ben Harper
Feel Love Ben Harper
Fight For Your Mind Ben Harper
Forever Ben Harper
Gather 'Round The Stone Ben Harper
Get There From Here Ben Harper
Give a Man a Home Ben Harper
Glory And Consequence Ben Harper
God Fearing Man Ben Harper
Gold To Me Ben Harper
Happy Everafter In Your Eyes Ben Harper
High Tide Or Low Tide Ben Harper
Homeless Child Ben Harper
How Many Miles Must We March Ben Harper
I Heard It Through The Grapevine Ben Harper
I Shall Not Walk Alone Ben Harper
I Want To Be Ready Ben Harper
I Will Not Be Broken Ben Harper
I'll Rise Ben Harper
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again Ben Harper
Jah Work Ben Harper
Like a King Ben Harper
Mama's Got a Girlfriend Now Ben Harper
Mama's Trippin' Ben Harper
More Than Sorry Ben Harper
Nobody's Fault But Mine Ben Harper
One Road To Freedom Ben Harper
Oppression Ben Harper
People Lead Ben Harper
Picture Of Jesus Ben Harper
Please Me Like You Want To Ben Harper
Pleasure And Pain Ben Harper
Power Of The Gospel Ben Harper
Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn Ben Harper
Reason To Mourn Ben Harper
Remember Ben Harper
Roses From My Friends Ben Harper
Serve Your Soul Ben Harper
So High So Low Ben Harper
Spilling Faith Ben Harper
Sweet Nothing Serenade Ben Harper
Temporary Remedy Ben Harper
The Three Of Us Ben Harper
The Way You Found Me Ben Harper
The Will To Live Ben Harper
Waiting On An Angel Ben Harper
Welcome To The Cruel World Ben Harper
When It's Good Ben Harper
When She Believes Ben Harper
Whipping Boy Ben Harper
Widow Of a Living Man Ben Harper
With My Own Two Hands (Remix) Ben Harper
1901 Birdy
Comforting Sounds Birdy
Farewell And Goodnight Birdy
Fire And Rain Birdy
I'll Never Forget You Birdy
People Help The People Birdy
Shelter Birdy
Skinny Love Birdy
Terrible Love Birdy
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight Birdy
White Winter Hymnal Birdy
Without A Word Birdy
Young Blood Birdy
Feel The Light Britt Nicole
Glow Britt Nicole
Hanging On Britt Nicole
Have Your Way Britt Nicole
Headphones Britt Nicole
How We Roll Britt Nicole
Like A Star Britt Nicole
Safe Britt Nicole
Walk On The Water Britt Nicole
Welcome To The Show Britt Nicole
All Through The Night Donna Summer
Any Way At All Donna Summer
Be Myself Again Donna Summer
Black Lady Donna Summer
Bring Down The Reign Donna Summer
Can't Get To Sleep At Night Donna Summer
Can't We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over) Donna Summer
Come With Me Donna Summer
Could It Be Magic Donna Summer
Crayons (feat. Ziggy Marley) Donna Summer
Dim All The Lights Donna Summer
Dinner With Gershwin Donna Summer
Drivin' Down Brazil Donna Summer
Fame (The Game) Donna Summer
Heaven Knows Donna Summer
I Love You Donna Summer
If It Makes You Feel Good Donna Summer
In Another Place And Time Donna Summer
It's Only Love Donna Summer
Journey To The Center Of Your Heart Donna Summer
Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) Donna Summer
Love's About To Change My Heart Donna Summer
Love's Unkind Donna Summer
Lucky Donna Summer
Mr. Music Donna Summer
My Baby Understands Donna Summer
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) Donna Summer
On My Honor Donna Summer
One Night In A Lifetime Donna Summer
Only One Man Donna Summer
Our Love Donna Summer
Power Of Love Donna Summer
Rumour Has It Donna Summer
Sand On My Feet Donna Summer
Science Of Love Donna Summer
Sentimental Donna Summer
Slide Over Backwards Donna Summer
Spring Affair Donna Summer
State Of Independence Donna Summer
Sunset People Donna Summer
Take Me Donna Summer
The Only One Donna Summer
The Queen Is Back Donna Summer
Theme From The Deep (Down Deep Inside) Donna Summer
There Will Always Be A You Donna Summer
This Time I Know It's For Real Donna Summer
Try Me I Know We Can Make It Donna Summer
Try Me, I Know We Can Make It Donna Summer
Unconditional Love Donna Summer
Walk Away Donna Summer
Wasted Donna Summer
Whatever Your Heart Desires Donna Summer
When Love Takes Over You Donna Summer
Winter Melody Donna Summer
With Your Love Donna Summer
All Along The Water Duran Duran
Drowning Man Duran Duran
Faster Than Light Duran Duran
God (London) Duran Duran
I Take The Dice Duran Duran
Last Chance On The Stairway Duran Duran
My Own Way Duran Duran
Night Boat Duran Duran
Nite Runner Duran Duran
Notoriousaurus Rex Duran Duran
Point Of No Return Duran Duran
Red Carpet Massacre (Live Version) Duran Duran
Shadows On Your Side Duran Duran
Skin Divers Duran Duran
The Chauffeur (Blue Silver) Duran Duran
The Chauffeur Duran Duran
The Edge Of America Duran Duran
The Needle And The Damage Done Duran Duran
Tiger Tiger Duran Duran
To The Shore Duran Duran
Want You More! Duran Duran
Water Babies Duran Duran
Too Good to Be True Edens Edge
What Have U Done G.E.M.
Oh Happy Day Gloria Gaynor
5-4 Gorillaz
68 State Gorillaz
All Alone (Live) Gorillaz
All Alone Gorillaz
Bill Murray Gorillaz
Demon Days Gorillaz
Dirty Harry Gorillaz
Don't Get Lost In Heaven Gorillaz
Double Bass Gorillaz
El Mañana (Metronomy Remix) Gorillaz
El Mañana Gorillaz
Every Planet We Reach Is Dead Gorillaz
Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head Gorillaz
Hong Kong (Live At Manchester Opera House) Gorillaz
Hong Kong Gorillaz
Hongkongaton Gorillaz
Last Living Souls Gorillaz
M1 A1 Gorillaz
Man Research (Clapper) Gorillaz
Murdoc Is God Gorillaz
New Genius (Brother) Gorillaz
November Has Come Gorillaz
O Green World Gorillaz
Re-Hash Gorillaz
Rockit Gorillaz
Sound Check (Gravity) Gorillaz