39 anos, masculino
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First Love Song Across The Sky
Give It All Away Across The Sky
Found By You Across The Sky
Exciting Times Across The Sky
Everywhere She Goes Across The Sky
Do You Dream Of Me Across The Sky
Broken World Across The Sky
When I Open My Eyes Across The Sky
Shooting Star Across The Sky
Persistence Across The Sky
Not So You Will Love Me Across The Sky
Masquerade Across The Sky
You are the Love of My Life Michael W. Smith
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Michael W. Smith
Shout Unto God Michael W. Smith
Prepare Ye The Way Michael W. Smith
Mighty To Save Michael W. Smith
Majesty Michael W. Smith
Let It Rain Michael W. Smith
I Surrender All Michael W. Smith
Help Is On The Way Michael W. Smith
Heaven In His Eyes Michael W.Smith
Healing Rain Michael W. Smith
Grace Michael W. Smith
Forever Michael W. Smith
Draw Me Close Michael W. Smith
Deep In Love With You Michael W. Smith
Come To The Cross Michael W.Smith
Breathe Michael W. Smith
Awesome God Michael W. Smith
Amazing Grace Michael W. Smith
Agnus Dei Michael W. Smith
Above All Michael W. Smith
A New Hallelujah Michael W. Smith
When I Think Of You Michael W. Smith
The River Is Rising Michael W. Smith
Save Me From Myself Michael W. Smith
Move In Me Michael W.Smith
Michael W. Smith Sharing Michael W. Smith
Loving You Eternally Michael W.Smith
Deeper Delirious
Come Like You Promise Delirious
Bliss Delirious
Generations Sara Groves
He's Always Been Faithful Sara Groves
Hello Lord Sara Groves
Hiding Place Sara Groves
How Is It Between Us Sara Groves
Jeremiah Sara Groves
Kingdom Comes Sara Groves
Loving A Person Sara Groves
Something Changed Sara Groves
Tent In The Center of Town Sara Groves
Why It Matters Sara Groves
All For Love Hillsong
All I Do Hillsong
All The Heavens Hillsong
At The Cross Hillsong
Blessed Hillsong
Came To My Rescue Hillsong
Emmanuel Hillsong
Everyday Hillsong
For All You've Done Hillsong
Forever And A Day Hillsong
God He Reigns Hillsong
Hallelujah Hillsong
Here I Am To Worship Hillsong
Highest Hillsong
I Adore Hillsong
I Give You My Heart Hillsong
Jesus The Same Hillsong
King Of Majesty Hillsong
Let Us Adore Hillsong
Lord Of All Hillsong
Made Me Glad Hillsong
Magnificent Hillsong
Mighty To Save Hillsong
More Than Life Hillsong
Most High Hillsong
My Redeemer Lives Hillsong
None But Jesus Hillsong
One Desire Hillsong
One Way Hillsong
Salvation Is Here Hillsong
Shout To The King Hillsong
Son Of God Hillsong
Still Hillsong
Take It All Hillsong
The Freedom We Know Hillsong
The Stand Hillsong
Through It All Hillsong
To The Ends Of The Earth Hillsong
To You Alone Hillsong
With All I Am Hillsong
With You Hillsong
God Is Smiling Delirious
Happy Song Delirious
History Maker Delirious
I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever Delirious
I'm Not Ashamed Delirious
Investigate Delirious
Lord You Have My Heart Delirious
Majesty Delirious
Majesty (Here i Am) Delirious
Rain Down Delirious
Sanctify Delirious
Shout To The North Delirious
Solid Rock Delirious
Thank You For Saving Me Delirious
This Is The Message Of The Cross Delirious