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I got a sweet lovin’ man at home, he knows that I love him true
I got a three little kids on the floor an' they love their Daddy too
I got a one on the way an' I don't think I can pay the doctor bill
I never finished payin' the last one off, don't guess I ever will
Yeah we'd save it all up for a rainy day but it's always sunny
Guess all the happiness in the world, can't buy you money

He’s got an old work truck that'll barely get him to town and back
He’s tried to put in a little more overtime but that don't pay no jack
So he brings it home where his baby's got his hot supper fixed
Then he lays down and rest his weary bones an' gets back up at six
Just workin' hard in the land of the milk and honey
Hey all the happiness in the world, can't buy you money

But if we had plenty, It’d keep us afloat
Then in the end if our ship don't come in
We’ll just buy a bigger boat
We ain't got no money, Lord, we be deep in debt
Must be livin' on love from above
'Cause we ain't hit bottom yet

He picks his pay-check up an' go straight to the bank, that's his usual route
An' then he’ll come home an' pick up me an' the kids, 'cause we're goin' out
Then it's a drive-through window pick out a combo, super-size
Then we’ll swing on down to the Wal-Mart an' let the kids pick out a prize
That ol’ truck broke down at the red-light, he thinks it's real funny
Hey, all the happiness in the world, can’t buy you money
Yeah, we’d save it all up for a rainy day but it’s always sunny
Guess all the happiness in the world can’t buy you money
Can’t buy you money

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