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Jan Blomqvist

Same Mistake (Ršuber Remix)

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The other room, comatose by all the screens,
Blown away by another perfect scene.

I am so bored, all the real things can't compete,
Hollywood paint my day so incomplete.

And every street I walk, every place i sit,
and every film I saw, almost ruined it.
And all the shiny things, that the picture brings,
turn a normal day, into a cheap clichť.

You know what...
Whatever we wanna get, we never get.

I keep on buying all the things we don't need,
Just to impress all the ones we donít meet.
I don't care.

Just regret there I acted so damn fake.
You know what, you have made the same mistake.

And all the cigarettes, all the talking heads,
buying happiness, it just never rests.
And all the drugs we take, so we can sleep awake,
and watch the colors fade, broken masquerade.

You know what..
Whatever we wanna get, we never get.

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