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Let Me Think About It (feat. Fedde Le Grand)

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You saying baby
I'll take you for a ride
Let's get together
Work it all night

I'll be your love
Your sexy affair
I'll make you feel like
Heaven is near

Come on go believe me
I'll make you see
That I am the true way
Towards ecstasy

Touch me, feel me
Then you will find
We are meant to be
And I ain’t lying

Let me think about it

You say you want me
You say you need me
You say you love me
How come you're leaving

Let me think about it

Can I get with you baby
Blow your mind or whatever you like
Let me think about it
Can I hang with you baby
Take a tour, we ain't gonna rush up
Let me think about it

We can mean it even more
Can I get some more that of you're so sure
You don't have to think no more
Baby I got the cure

Let me think about it
Baby think about it

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