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I don't wanna be polite
I just wanna hold you tight and
Squeeze the truth out of you

Before you walk away
Let me remind you, Ray, that you're amazing
You just have no clue so shy
Stop running away

'Cause the best is yet to come
You will never be like the other ones
Your life has just begun
You don't have to hide where you're coming from

Stand up and stretch out your arms
This life won't do you no harm
'Cause I'm the one
You can always count on

Before you walk away

Let me remind you, Ray, that
I will be your friend
Until the bitter end don't hide
Don't throw this away


But it's just another day
And you don't have to wait
For the rain to wash away
Your dusty frame of mind
And it's just another way
You have to play the game
Don't fall behind

You are not alone, don't be scared
Don't you dare give up
You are not alone, I'll be there

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