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Better Things


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[Verse 1]
Ok year 2002
18 wondering what the fuck I'm gon' do
Witty Pretty potent with the modern machinations
An I ain't really getting help with college applications
Shit I like to rhyme and I won a battle or two
Down at the PAC with the crew the kid from broward can duel
Yeah he got a few filler lines
By now that flip it up thing he's probably used like a million times
But he's got punches and energy to swing through the enemy assumptions
Shit Now he's going national Times Square face off
Beat the competition for the cage match pay off
25k shit I'm still a teenager
And everything around now starts to seem major
Work on your album young Wrek
Shelved before I wrapped what the fuck could I expect
I took it with a smile I'll be in the waiting room
Cause I'm waiting for the luck though to go for the gusto
Sharpening my tools in a pool full of pride
Where you pull or you die cause it's true suicide
When you beat yourself up to be polite, right
Trying to get up in the bright lights like
Trying to find a spot on a throne where there's seven kings
Sometimes it's kinda hard trying to find the better things

We get up every day for the chase
Wait lemme see what's at stake (What's at stake)
Make dollars just to live, make dollars out of habit
It's all subconscious we all stack addicts
We get up every day for the chase
Wait lemme see what's at stake (What's at stake)
They say money isn't everything
But I'm sure the more you have makes for some better things
Better things will come along
Better things will come

[Verse 2]
Running in place with bad habits
Back before the cynics were reading into your status
Update, I'm just here feeling like a savage
Eating all this madness in a marriage for the maggots
Remember back when we used to spit in any circle any parking lot we backed in
Them was Illiterat daze with our riddle rap ways
G and H taught me how to sit and chisel stack phrase
I dreamt about syllables and multis not residuals and trophies
And here I am doing what I said I'd probably never do
Feeling weathered can be terrible
I know the paper can deface ya if ya take it as your savior
See this is written in its nature
But I'mma take ya to a place where you only hear the heavens sing
Sometimes it's kinda hard trying to find the better things


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