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Word on The Town (feat. Juicy J Pimp C)

Wiz Khalifa

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[Intro: Juicy J]
Yea, I'm still just hustling man
I don't know about ya'll
You see, I've been doing this shit
So, this shit ain't nothing

[Hook: Juicy J]
Word on the town that you niggas snitchin'
Word on the town, I'm fuckin' niggas bitches
Word on the town, that you ain't sellin' dope
Word on the town, that you niggas going broke

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J]
[Juicy J:]
Chop up brothers, we kill this shit
No 22's, no Emmitt Smith
Pulled out on your [?] reel
Killed ya'll dogs like Michael Vick
Yellow tape, first 48
Don't give a fuck if they catch a case
Done gunplays in broad daylight, no mask on they barren face
[Wiz Khalifa:]
Barren face when we get 'em, don't become a victim
Shoulda used his intuition when I caught him slippin'
Open banana peel ass nigga, we got your number
Put 'em in the trunk, treat 'em like some Louie luggage
[Juicy J:]
Just in-case a nigga think he finna take mine
I'm a give his ass a clip, tell the pussy nigga take five
Real street niggas, get it how they live
Cut that gangsta shit out cause that ain't who you is


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Niggas tellin', aw man they ain't gettin' money
How you get caught up for a strap and tell on your homie
Nigga, there's rules to this game and you ain't livin' by 'em
Like you don't talk about them drugs if you really buy 'em
You don't talk about them goons if you really got 'em
And you don't talk about them bodies if they really droppin'
You from where I'm from, you don't do no talkin'
When the police come we just change the topic
In my hood niggas really robbin'
You get your brains blown off if you don't use precaution
Take off your head just be like what the cost is
In Pittsburgh it's Taylor Gang and niggas I'm a boss man


Word on the town that you niggas snitchin'
Word on the town, I'm fuckin' niggas bitches

[Verse 3: Pimp C]
[?] Then pulled off the talkin' 'bout
Taking mines
If you run up on that Bentley, bitch your life is on the line
Yea, bitch, I'm on parole
But that thing in my possession
Ain't gonna be no ho and pimpin'
Ain't gonna be no disrespect
And I don't owe you niggas shit
And I don't need no new buddy
I don't wanna fuck your bitch cause the ho is too slutty
Jaws too nutty, kiss her lips - you eat a dick
I ain't came out here to play, I'm out here representin' this shit
I'm not the king of the south, ya'll can fight over the title
But I got more hoes calling me than American Idol
Young Pimp C holdin' it down
Come around with that fuck shit, we'll leave you shakin' on the ground
(Lil Bitch!)


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