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Wiz Khalifa

Something Special (feat. Thundercat)

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I just want to
Comeback, comeback, comeback, comeback to me
I wanna roll one up, roll one up with you
Comeback, comeback, comeback, comeback to me
I wanna roll one up, roll one up with you

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Met her at a party, I was sippin' gin
She was burnin' on The Chronic
Thunder beat the Lakers now there ain't no Super Sonics
Chain hella flossy
Waitin' for you to come over here and put it on me
You down to ride and you like say no more
Try to hide it but I can't no more
And God blessed me with game but I ain't playin' though
Instead of fuckin' with lames
(I just want you)
He ain't said nothing but a word
Twist up the herb
Tell your friends they ain't gotta catch feelings
There's enough room for all ya'll - skinny, fat, and tall
Believe me I done seen it all, done it all
Born to ball, do it big, never small
The weed I'm smokin' on
Come over here, tell your homegirls (?)
Roll another joint and get straight to the point


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Now the hoes done shown up, the money done blown up
But every time you callin' a nigga, I pick the phone up
Don't care about my pockets being swole up
Long as I show love, show up, my top won't go up
Everyday's a new flight, at night's a new hotel
Fuck you wanna plane, nigga, it dont matter girl i won't tell
Both feet in the sand, you know I'm the man
We gone stick to the plan, watch 'em shit on demand
Early morning eating breakfast in the hot tub
Pedicure, Manny, full massage with the face scrub
Smokin' O-G, fuck the police
Sun glowin' off your skin
Said she never been there before, she tryna do it again
I can only fuck once, I'm tryna do it again
Hold up, it's meant to be
No luck, here's some weed, roll up
Make sure the neighbors know us


You know what it is!
Hey, hey, hey, shit, damn
(I just want you to know that you're really special)
What I'm smokin' is special
(I just want you to know that you're really special)
That ass is lookin' special
You make everything in the world look special
And you rep that gang baby girl
(I just want you)
(?) R&B, Thundercat, whatup Drew

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