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Wiz Khalifa

So Much

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They gonna unbutton their shirts, they gonna, it's.. the, the look. Cause we do it on and off camera. This shit is real life! That's what we do god dammit, the glasses go with the shirt, with that, fuckin' chains, with the buckles on my shoes, you know what I'm saying?

Why they all got it fucked up?
We start a deal, we gone, and this shit, what you think this is?
How you think you got in the benz?
I'ma roll a joint, write me a verse, before I finish shit
Bad broad who I'm chillin' with
We gonna shoot a video so the whole world witness it (Who we is?)
Young fly businessmen, got no love for the middleman
And you know we sip champagne with lunch, smoke J's and stunt
Came up but we ain't change much
I probably got a fitting, got another awards show
I smell just like a plant every time I pull up
They wanna be like us but that don't flatter me
I'd rather be stacking cheese with the ones I call my family, don't ever question why y'all mad at me
You look at now what I have, I'm moving forward that's a thing in the past, gang

I got so much love for you (2x)
I got so many people trying to rep my gang
And I love them all the same

Time to let it go
If you a freak, let me know, make this night unforgettable
Yeah you try to start me off slow
But I ain't with that no mo'
I get the drugs so you hit the do'
Don't need to tell me what you've seen before
You in a whole another game
Nothing like them mama, roll with the gang
And while your girls acting so strange
Because my dog put her in a place
She should've known that before she came
I'm trying to put you on a different wave
Let you hit the J, relax your mind, and [?] me
After we smoke you know what's next
We go to the room, you get undressed, you tell your friends I'm the best
I like where you going
And from the things that you saying, you might be the one
Let's take a couple shots back and get out of control
Ain't got no rules but you already know, I'll make you mine, know you need to roll

I got so much love for you (2x)
I got so many people trying to rep my gang (Taylor Gang)
And I love them all the same

You already know who it is, nigga
We flyin' more than we drivin', it's 2016, so, I'm OG'in this shit by now
I still keep in touch though
Roll up that good weed, keep smokin' them planes
Best of the best man
Drop a KK, pack off in every home in America
Uh, T-G-O-D
Why I got a filter on my voice?
(I got so much love for you)

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