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Wiz Khalifa

Get That Zip Off

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Uh, what is you saying? My money insane
I’m fresh off a plane, I'm rolling a plane
Girl why is you playing? Let’s stick to the plan
That weed is so good that it stick to my hand
It come from the land, I know I’m the man
Bought a few packs so they throw a few in
I don’t understand, I know what you been
I smoke ‘til it’s gone and grow it again (Huh?)
It ain't nothin’ to get that zip off
It ain't nothin’ to get that zip off

I was smoking trees at the party acting gnarly
I got hundred pounds of weed, talked to shawty, what ya need?
Kush be so strong get it once it’s hard to breathe
Have you coughing up a lung, so much smoke you tryna leave
Blowing up a nigga phone, what I tell your ass?
Talking about that pack I ain’t tryna sell your ass
(God damn) Rollie on my wrist, doobie in my fist
Sipping on that Kris, definitely going to jail if I take a piss
It ain’t nothin’ to get that tip off
Arm out the window, it ain’t nothin’ to get that clip off
It ain't nothing to knock your clique off
Put it in her mouth, I swear she tried to suck my dick off (God Damn)

It ain't nothin’ to get that zip off
It ain't nothin’ to get that zip off
28 grams in a zip lock
It ain't nothin’ to get that zip off

Got one rolled up, you should roll one too
Let’s get fucked up, girl you know how we do
What time? What place? Drink gin no chase
First time all out, next time call us

Don’t hit the bong, get the smoke is bad
Say you smoking strong, but you wrong, you been smoking trash
It ain't in my lungs if it ain’t that pressure
First thing in the morning grab my joint from out the dresser
Keep my OG in a jar ‘cause I like it fresh
Said he hit the weed, he ain’t ready yet
Straight up flexin’ on these children like I’m WIllie Nelson
No discussion, come to drugs I got a big selection


[Laughing] 28 grams nigga
The fuck you wanna do nigga?
I’m coning the joint while we talk right now nigga
Fuck wrong with you?
A zip at a time bitch, put that lil’ ass shit away
Fuck wrong with you niggas man
We do it big over here man, Taylor Gang
I’ll be in motherfuckin’ Denver on 4/20 nigga
Weed’s legal there, so that’s sweet
Y’ll niggas smoke like two joints a day
And you talkin’ bout you gettin’ high motherfucker
That’s cool, we gon’ continue to get dumb high
We ain’t abusing it, we using it

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