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I'm a Boss (Remix) (feat. Meek Mill - Rick Ross - Lil Wayne - Birdman - Swizz Beatz)


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I’m ridin’ Dodge, I’m ridin’ by
On the westside which side am I?
Beemer 760i, Try me, let off 60 shots
Again we got the city hidin’
Poppin’ like it ‘posed to be
Niggas who not menaging got no business standing close to me
So cold, a ferocious G,
You niggas aint as dope as me, mind you f-ckin’ business
Watch ya mouth when you approaching me
? socially
I like em or love ‘em though, cold heart emotionally
? where the ocean is
Ridin in a ghost again
Slap you with a lot of spit until she ? all of it
Call the shots, run the shit
On some big money shit
Serious ’bout my hustle all these cowards on that funny shit
Rappin’ ’bout a bunch of shit
And you aint even done it yet
You the one they gunnin’ at
How I’m ‘posed to honor that?
You all talk dawg, flow and I aint having none of that
I’m big boss dawg floss all day, run it back

[Hook: Meek Mill]
Bitch, I’m a BOSS!
Bitch, I’m a BOSS!
I’ma boss, I’ma boss
I play the shots
I call the calls
We in this bitch’
It’s goin’ downn
Yeah, I’m the king
Now where my muf-ckin’ crown?

[Swiss Beatz]
I’ma boss, she a boss
We don’t care what it cost
You just buy that muthaf-cka and you throw that muthaf-cka on?
You keep poppin’ them tags
We just throw it in bags
And then we hit the f-cking block, we be dropping them rags

[Meek Mill]
Started with a dollar, turn it to an M
Used to ride Impala, turn it to a Benz
Bitches used hate me, turn into my friends
You should see how people treat you when that money coming in
Bad bitches callin’ cause I’m ballin’
And these niggas hatin’ on me cause they starving and I’m parking Aston Martin’s where they walking
These bitches ain’t important, they informants really talking when the people get to honking
I’ma a boss, really, Nino or Al Pacino
Hundred racks on his Rollie, he light up like a casino
Niggas really be fraud, I’ma keep it a c-note
Got jewelers down in Miami
They throw it like Dan Marino

[Rick Ross]
Had a couple seizures, call it minor setbacks
Everybody praying for me, I respect that
Woke up in the hospital, where my checks at?
Then I put 8 chains where my necks at
Hopping in the Ghost I feel I’m dead set
Worth 40 M’s so respect that
I put all my jewels on just to bone ya chick
You know the boss well known for leaving bonuses
We making money, may it marinate
When the work clean, cut it like it’s carrot cake
D-boys love the way I narrate
I still whip it like it’s anime
Remember momma had a cavalier
Now she living like a Cleveland Cavalier
Better check the stats, we filling arena’s
And I got the gat’s, Gilbert Arena’s

[Hook: Meek Mill]

[Swizz Beatz]
You a boss, you a boss
75, 7 showers on her
Spend about 13 hours on it
757 with the showers on it
We spent about 13 hours on it

[Lil Wayne]
Look, I be probably on my skateboard, tryna learn a new trick
I just f-cked the avatar, now I got a blue dick
Money talks, bullshit walks if the shoe fit
You pushing up daisies, daffodils, tulips
I’m in my zone, I’m Angie Stoned
I point the pistol at you like a camera phone
I’m Young money, cash money, I’m not human
I’m tryna get money money like Mark Cuban
If she don’t respect me, she gon respect this?
The World is an asshole and we the next big shit
Damn right I gang bang, tell ‘em blood up slime
F-ck off, I had to say f-ck one time, get it?

When I came up in this bitch I was shining every summer
Took the whole thing, the young nigga? doing numbers
Tote two nines, iced out stuntin’
Candy on the ave, candy on the slab
Hundred G’s, Cash Money millionaires
Hundred mill, how we flipped it off the ave
Blood rich gang, you know we filled ?
The money do swing behind a killin’
Catch me uptown puttin’ it down
Moving all around, new fleets with my round
Touch another town, puttin’ it all down
Pop a hundred bottles bitch, we wear the crown

[Hook: Meek Mill]

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