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F-cks (feat. B.o.B, Chip, Travis Scott & Tha Truth)


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Hustle Gang
All them boy in the building
Oh shit, by the way
Okay, so niggas on the hay I admit
I don’t give 2 fucks
About money, have yo kids wish til yo baby momma get cocks
I like raz put on my whip (pour it up, pour it up)
Even if I run out of money
Bet I won’t run out of luck
My nigga ride Glock in the hood furreal
I had dreams bout a house on the hill
There’s a couple fiends that we’d run from and that is pay me some bills
Before I fuckin die I’m gonna save a fuckin mill
I did it for the pussy and the money and the feel
My nigga it’s fuck you and your opinion too if your name is not on my will
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
If I’m in the building then I’m screwed up
Even in the fix a mind whip true thug
Got so many bitches I’mma need 2 trucks
I’mma need 2 trucks, I’mma need a few trucks
Lame ass nigga just fuck my cool up
Lyin ass hoes tryna spend rumors
A man gon lie, a woman gon lie
So when you think about it, who can you trust?
Nobody, nobody
Nobody, nobody
Everybody worry bout the old Bobby
I got 2 blunts rolled up and each a piece
I turn yo party to a dro party
All about my green like a mill so Lotus
I be comin off the top like a toll bargain
I said I don’t give a fuck
Can’t deal with it? That’s yo problem ho
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
Man just nigga hold up, I ain’t tryna call yo ho
Pussy prolly smell like throwup
Everybody know er for suckin on dick til it blow up
Her pussy hair need a lawn mower
I show er how to go
Pounds in the front, nigga sold that
Matter fact I don’t give 2 fuck
Doin that slap with a flappy ass butt
Ho never would get in my trap
She can never get front for her will never stand up
I’m hanging out with my ball like here nigga no
Fuck with something now you dealin with some real nigga yo
I can show you how to get a mill in the 4
I make a dump by the one, I need a trip by the summer
First band fore you say how baby mama get a Hummer
Get a crib fo yo mama, got to cop until it done
It’s a I don’t fuck around if you want a nigga
I don’t give a fuck
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
(Hustle Gang don’t give 2 fucks)
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
(Hustle Gang, we need to say we don’t give 2 fucks)
Trae Tha Truth Gates, young nigga rich
Who the fuck you niggas think you talkin to bitch
Middle fingers up, play say eat dick
Never gave a fuck and probably filled on bitch
When I’m right up in the fleet, when I’m down I move around
Bald on the head and you ain’t see me shoot around
Walk up out the club til money cover the ground
All gold chain, they weigh bout 10 pounds
Tryna find a slut that fuck for 10 rounds
I tell her go long, get ready for 10 gowns
Bitch with my name we bringin all town
King of the turf, my throne is all gold
Hustle Gang bitch, my hustle is out of order
When I’m done with that I get big for somebody daughter
I don’t fuck with niggas, might tip er then got shorter out
Where her study is? I’m playin like a recorder
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
These hoes prolly like no talk mkay
Shit geek’d up, eat em raw, mkay
These ain’t gay, these craw, okay
These ain’t diamonds, these rocks, okay
Cut leafs, spreadin these, we the count
Pull G’s up under this lawn
Said bitch I don’t give 2 fucks
Matter fact bitch I don’t give a damn
I’mma shoot it with a riffle
Lose mute like lipo
I taste that bitch, she can suck my dish, tipo
I mean she can suck my dick
My trap so sick
I’m bout to call Wayne up (Weezy)
Tell me the truck might fit
Ho know where I’m at like Lay J
Diddy, yo care bout blow back
I don’t give 2 fucks
But they already know that
I’m cool like winter freeze
Eat lunch, doin what should be
I just saw fresh in the booty club, thirsty, the whole trap tempt me
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
If I had 2 bitches I wouldn’t give 2 fucks
Last week in Magic City, spit in guys we trust
2 freaks on my chain, who the hell King Tut?
Since the world met me now the whole globe blast up
Oh, you wanna fuck me?
Need at least 2 butts
Yea, you wanna smoke with me?
You need at least 10 blunts
I ain’t catchin that cup less a motherfucker screwed up
And I’m young and I’m getting it and I never gave 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks
I don’t give 2 fucks

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