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Dollar Bill (feat. Boosie Badazz)

The Wave

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Money on my mind
Chasin' this paper
Loke im runnin' outta tgime
otta time! moolah deenero
When ya hustin'
it's har to be a hero!
what the big house
whit the picket fence
workin' hard days long
when you gettin' rich
Gettin rich
pocket full of presidents
blowing money fast
ain't no time to cherish it
stackin' $$$ like pringles
good in a drought
make it rain with the singles
puttin' diamonds in a cuban link
flexin' look a u den look a me
look a me!
We just tryna shine!
lookin' for the money
The blind lead the blind
wanna ride in a foreing car
foreinf car
Wanna feel like i'm above the law
Above the law
do a hunnit on da highway
gota a check comin'...this frayday!
see it! buy it! own it!
starin' in da mirror ..
It lookgood on me dont it?
pin a $20 on ya shirt
for ya birthday!
Make everybody pop you off!
in ya workplace!
the make a mills...
you ain't gotta Rob & Steal.
There's a million ways
to get a Dollar Bill!!

Dollar Bill!, Dollar Bill!
Everybody wants... a
Dollar Bill! Dollar Bill!

Bossie baddazz
I want the finer things
Pretty woman, pretty titties
And doamond rings
All my doughters iphone6s
and all my sons want bankrolls
we living! uhhh!!
I dont keep the same hoes
man i switched it up!
Tewell house my own Clothes...
now they hatin, on me.
Money by the truckload!
living testimoney.
that girl that want that plaid skirt
... want that Bebe skirt.
...that girl that Bebe skirt.
... that girl that want that Gucci
...she want that Louie
Do it Big!! do it Big!
... like ya boi Boosie!
Everybody want.. a piece of the Pie!
most times when it's Money
... man they speaking a Lie!!
Girl work ya 9-to-5
you know you... got Babies! gon need 3 jobs..
...if you got 5 Babies!
Made man.
Hustler Im a Beast!
I was gettin a Dollar Bill
When I was husttin' in da Streetz!
Now them Hustlaz in the street
They be Lookin' up to me
whether it's teachin' Skool
... or cookin' up a Key!
it's about 1 thing...

Dollar Bill!, Dollar Bill!
Everybody wants... a
Dollar Bill! Dollar Bill!

I want the Benz
The Beamer, the Bently
The Bugatti, in the past
I played wit fire for it hibatchi
sittin' on my grandma Glider
eatin' on a frozen cup
I rember clear as day
the hopped out the ol'skool
Gucci's witch the buckle
I asked him
"what he did for that?"
he said "Ihustle"
I saw then in the midst of the strugle
from thereon .. me n money been a couple
I saved every single dollar
in my sock drawmy lemonade stand
had turkey necks and hot sauce
every night i went to sleep
watchin' Robin Leech u can be anything
nuttin' outta reach the teacher. the preacher,
the politician, the immigrant
hittin' ground runnin' goin' get it.
The needy, the greedy cousin's uncles n teeties
the 5 gallon jug full of coins by the T.V.
maw-maw reachin'in her Bra to buy tylenol
a 20 oz. coke and $20 wprth of powerball
i wrote a how-to guide on gettin' rich
I point a slugger on the cover can hit a lick !

Dollar Bill!, Dollar Bill!
Everybody wants... a
Dollar Bill! Dollar Bill!

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