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Walking Song

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Bacon Fried, Squinty eyed,
Moments of the dawn
Misty street calling me,
Get dressed and walk around
In the square,
Standing there girl so sad,
What's the matter?
She said
Oh, oh dear sir the world
Has got me down
And folks preach happiness when
There's none to be found
I type and answer phones
To earn my meager pay,
To keep me alive so
I can waste another day...

I sadly turned and walked away
For there was nothing I could say
Walking on, noonday sun Dusty road to town,
Saddened by the girl that
I had chanced to come upon,
Then I'd seen a limousine,
A rich old guy, mean of eye,
He said...

"Oh bah hum bug you can't understand,
The world is one big bank
You must steal what you can,
Because it's fools like you
Who waste their precious time by
walking in the sun instead
Of trying to make a dime."

The words he spoke turned my world grey,
Could everybody feel this way?
As if in answer down the road a lovely
Girl picked flowers of gold
She smiled sweetly and gave one to me
And said
Please kind sir don't look so down,
For in this hard world love still abounds,
And hand in hand friends of beauty can lie
On clover beds neath a blanket of sky...

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