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Since Henry Ford Apologized To Me (Album Version)

The Happiness Boys

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Oyoy gevalt gevalt
Vuts de mattuh, Abram?
Did you see the Yiddishe Joinal this morning Dovid?
No, vut did it say?
Well I don't mind telling you that I'm so happy I could cry
You're looking simply great, why don't you celebrate?
I bought maynself a quart of hooch, a collar mit a tie
Well if I see you making voopie, what's your alibi?

I was sad and I was blue but now I'm just as good as you
Since Henry Ford apologized to me
That's why you threw away your little Chevrolet
And bought yourself a Ford cou-pay.

I told the superintendent that the Dearborn
Independent doesn't have to hang up where it used to be
You're happy now because he settled half the case
I'm sorry I cut off my nose to spite mayn race
Are you glad he changed his point of view?
Yes, I like even Edsel too
Since Henry Ford apologized to me

Oy yoy yeah yeah yeah

Ven you hoid he would be in town did you write him in adventz?
Sure I asked him please to drop around to see mayn shop
Did you say you were a tailor?
Sure! I offered him a chentz
To get a suit of clothes at cost
Including hextra pentz


To even up for what he did
I bought a tractor for mayn kid
Since Henry Ford apologized to me
Di mama said she'd feed him if he calls
Gefilte fish and matzo balls
And even if he runs for president I wouldn't charge a single cent
I'll cast my ballot absolutely free… maybe
He's got an aviator for his new machine
Instead of Cholly Lindboigz* he's got Charles Levine
You've got a cold now does it hoit?
Yeah, but I don't suffer in Detroit
Since Henry Ford apologized to me

I put the family jewels in hock and bought myself a share of stock
Since Henry Ford apologized to me
I hear you had a baby yesterday and named it Henry right away
For what I thought about that guy my wife was telling me that I
Should send him also my apology
You got some whiskers and tied it on your Ford somehow
And everybody thinks I drive a Lincoln now
I saw the brand new cars he makes
Instead of Lizzies they'll be Jakes

Since Henry Ford apologized to me

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