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The Frights

Valentine's Sux

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[Verse 1]
As if February ain't cold enough
You had to go and break my heart
I made six reservations just in case of cancellations
But I guess we could eat dinner apart
The way you stared when I bought you that big bear
I could tell you were kind of disturbed
But my kind act of kindness
Can we put this all behind us
Have you tried the chocolate mints, they're so good

[Chorus 1]
Can't believe we're through
But I guess it's really true
Valentine's sucks without you
Now I sit here stoned at Benihanah's all alone
Valentine's sucks without you
It sucks

[Verse 2]
Now I sit at my desk at my low class job
Everybody's got flowers on their's
And it's hard to concentrate
Someone tells me about their date
Fucking hell Jenny, nobody cares
My house is a mess
I'm forty days behind in rent
And I still smell your shitty perfume
And I'm full of regret
All that money that I spent
To have a barbershop quartet sing for you

[Chorus 2]
One day at a time
By next year I should be fine
Valentine's sucks without you
When push comes to shove
It's the national day of love
Valentine's sucks without you
Oh, Valentine's sucks without you
Oh, Valentine's sucks without you
Oh, Valentine's sucks without you
Oh, Valentine's fucking sucks

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