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Compra (feat. Tony Touch & Doo Wop)


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- Yo Fyuz, what up man?
- Oh, what up nigga?
- About to go do this compra, man
- I feel you
- Got this EBT
- Whooo!
- Hopefully I'll see this fine bitch I seen in there last week

First things first man, you're fucking with the worst
I be plotting on these old ladies, looking at their purse
Cause I know they probably got a gang of money and some credit cards
I'm here shopping with this EBT debit card
Really make me sick. Let me get my shit:
First off, I'mma need some baking soda I can mix
Turn a couple oz's to a couple bricks
And I'm having people over, let me grab some Chex mix
Aisle six. Let me get some dip and some chips
I see this shorty bent over, damn, look at them hips
But yo, let me not get sidetracked, yo where the wine at
I got a fine dime rack with a fine back-
Side coming over late night, right after the club
Her breath will smell like Patron, let me grab her some gum
Twelve pack of Red Bulls, make them sugar-free
Couple Pepsis, ginger ale and iced tea
This bread's looking stale, probably why it's on sale
For real, I wouldn't eat that shit if I was in jail
But for real-- why homie grilling me?
I'm about to make him spill ketchup on his white T
Fuck that, let me worry about this cheese homie
You know me, you know I love my greens homie
Speaking of that, where the Febreeze homie
With all the weed I smoke they probably call the po
Macaroni, Rice-a-Roni, and some Beef-a-Roni
Frozen pizza for after the frozen margaritas
Hold up. Papa frita, and papa majada
Gonna get some manteca cause you know the cuddy's calling
Shit. But damn, look at them cheeks
Hold up. I wanna put my salami up in the roast beef

Watch me do the compra

- Yo man, where's your beer at, man? Yo pai. You got beer, bro?
What kind of beer you got, man?
- Frozen White Castles? Fuck out of here. Crazy
- Yo man, what kind of sandwich you got? Let me have that cheese.
Chicharrones too. Let me have that cheese, cheese sandwich
- Bitch, I will drive all the way back to the Bronx for four
cheeseburgers from White Castle. That's my word. Hate this fucking place

Watch me do the compra. Spinning like I'm Oprah
Walking through this bitch, big rope like aloha
Flip flops, cargo shorts, yeah I'm in the burbs
Where I'm comfy but the prices absurd
This is not 183rd back in the Bronx where the top
Of the line chips were Bon Ton, word is bond
No Goya section, only thing you can get
If you want some Spanish food is an Ortega taco kit
Test that bullshit, but fuck it, it was my decision
To leave the hood and make a better life for my children
But I can't lie, I miss it already
From them chocolate Yoo-Hoos to that bitch Little Debbie
I'm homesick. Shopping cart filled with some-- yo what's this?
Monterey pepper jack, mami where that cheddar at?
Low-fat yogurt, oh my God, that's a no-no
Straight to the Breyer's and Haagen-Dasz rocky road

Watch me do the compra

You guys accept food stamps, right?
That's all I got is the food stamps
Yeah yeah, put that on my tab.
Naw? Put it on my tab man, you know I got you next time

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