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Beautiful Girls Remix (featuring Fabolous & Lil' Boosie) (Explicit Version)

Sean Kingston

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J.R.! Sean Kingston!
Eh Kingston It's the remix everyone
Everyone it's the remix everyone eh

Hey girl, who you bites off Guess you dangerous
You got me suicidal Like angle dust
IIIIII, never met a girl like this befooore (this befooore)
(Your way too) The way she talk and the way she walk
She make me go crazy Is it me or is it she
Somebody tell me I'm talking to my self
Wait!, this is not funny You make me better like
Fabolous and you wipe me down like Boosie Lets go!

Your way too beautiful girl
Thats why it'll never work
You had me su-ic-id-al, su-ic-id-al
When you say it's over
Damn, all these beautiful girls
They only want to do you dirt
They'll have you su-ic-id-al, su-ic-id-al
When they say it's over

Your just too beau-ti-ful girl
Thee number 1 on my list
You know you are killing me
See these cuts on my wrist
Sike! What I look like?
I am way too busy feeling my self
These cuts are princesses baby
Ain't no way I'm killing my self
If I'm thinking suicide
It must be them phantom doors
Your boy bout bringing toys out
Maybe they should call me Santa Clause
Picture me cobaining, belushi cocaining
Why would I go blaming or even stoop to go naming
Proclaiming shorty the reason
I'm thinking of trigger sqeezing
I'm cold as winter season
Be cool as autumn breezes
I do what I pleases
Jezis, he jist switch women like Regis
Life is so beau-tiful!

Your way too beautiful girl
Thats why it'll never work
You had me su-ic-id-al, su-ic-id-al
When you say it's over Damn, all these

Your just too beautiful (man)
You make me lose control (oooh)
Face like a model (oooh)
Shape like a bottle
Every time I see you I (IIIIII)
Just want to be by your side (siiide)
You make me happy (oooh)
Any then you hurt me, badly
I'm a thug on the street, but a thug got feelings
And I dont want to be hurt (please)
So don't play with me, keep it real with me
And you wont get hurt girl
With a church thats going to help me with it
I, I hade to holla
Cuz I seen whats in them jeans got Lil Boosie suicidal
I don't know what to do but I know one thing
I dont want to lose her conversation
I'm so convinced that she the one. I'm confused bruh.
But she brighten up my day when I see her (when I see her)
Then she turn right back around and be a cheater
Them sexy lips and them sexy hips
They make me come back
We fight all day till 6 at night and
I'm loving that
Them USA girls, then jamaican girls
They shake that thing the best
They look you in the eyes and take your heart out of your chest

Your way too beautiful girl
Thats why it'll never work
You had me su-ic-id-al, su-ic-id-al, su-ic-oowwee

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