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Let It Out

Roll Deep

ouvir : conectando
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Everyday is like a struggle but I am a baller
I stand taller, I rise above the ball shit
I'm not a ruler, I give 'em inspiration
You dont have to be a relation, I've got street fam
We are from the street man
Keeping it discreet and, humble
If you speak den speak up clear and dont mumble
It dont stop deres always a rough and tumble
Sound in the jungle, ghettos turned gullible
Once you break the trust u'll be gone on a travel
I know that I'm a wrong-un so im gone on my travels
I'll be stacking dough like beer in barrels
Fortunate for me im not short of a penny
Im a grafter, my master, Im famous like Lenny Henry
Lend me a 20 so I can go and get a Henry
The weed keeps me calm ive got a good memory
I wont get to me by looking through the eyes of wifey
I see you staring and watching what I'm wearing
Told you im a don but you just weren't hearing
Only know your caring, Now you hear me tearing
Thought I was a bum when you saw me round bre'ing
I'm a little wiser, Im a little older
Got a warm heart but I'm a little bit colder
And I aint gotta look over my shoulder
I fight this battle as a Roll Deep Soldier
Look a lot at who dares wins
And hands down I've done a few bad tings
But now I've gotta put it all behind me
Stay away from trouble cos people wanna sign me
And dont go running 'em up
Turned my way around but I've come unstuck
I aint explaining what I've got to go bruck
Looking for a contract not a few bucks

If its trapped in your body let it out
And if it stays on your mind let it out
I see the road to success, I'm getting out of here
If we're patient we can all get out of here (2X)

Mistaking me for another bre momentarily
Thinking I'm scared, I'm aware, Breaking and fogging at me
And he better hope dat he don't get a box
N he's watching me, like a TV screen n I clocked him
Frequently on the block, still creeping me
N today is the day that sees dat I mean what I speak
Stay away when you see me you aint ready for beef
I've got rudebois in the street who are ready to eat you
I can see through fools like double glazed windows
You don't wanna get involved and get broken in two
You fold under pressure, I'm known to bring results
N I know you wouldn't want it from you know who
You wont see me running from nuthing
Unless the sirens are buzzing
I'll still be bunnin on my zoot like
Cos I'm focussed on doing my thing when I move
N right now I've got nothing to lose


Gravadora: S4DK
Faixa: 20

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